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If you want to inspect or filter the traffic destined to an Azure service from a virtual network, you can deploy a network virtual appliance within the virtual network. You can then apply service endpoints to the subnet where the network virtual appliance is deployed and secure Azure service resources only to this subnet through VNet ACLs. Subnetting a Class C network address - TechRepublic May 24, 2001 Network and Host Portion of IPv4 Address » Networkustad

May 24, 2001

Mar 01, 2000 Default route - Wikipedia The default route in Internet Protocol Version 4 (IPv4) is designated as the zero-address /0 in CIDR notation, often called the quad-zero route. The subnet mask is given as /0, which effectively specifies all networks, and is the shortest match possible. A route lookup that does not match any other route, falls back to this route. Default mode network - Wikipedia

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